Our Menu

Kick your meal of with any of our mouth watering appetizers. From soup du juor to garlic knots, we have the perfect choices for you to snack on while we prepare your main meal.
We use the freshest herbs and vegetables in our salads. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty chicken cali salad or a zesty roasted beet, there‘s something for every craving.
With so many combinations to choose from, it's not wonder our customers keep on coming back to try them all. Our sandwiches are all made to order just the way you like them.
Try any of our hand pressed pizzas which are made with the highest quality dough and topped with Italian crushed tomatoes and finished with our special three cheese blend of Mozzarella, Asiago and Parmesan. You can even build your own!!!
You brought your appetite to the right place. From our orchard chops to our citrus scallops, there's something for every appetite. We'll fill you up, just be sure to leave room for dessert.
After dinner enjoy any of our tasty desserts or just relax with a nice cup of hot coffee or tea.
Cellar Game Room Cap off a great dinner by enjoy dozens of the latest games to challenge your skills and compete with your friends and family.
Our Menu From our delicious starters to our tantalizing desserts; all of our food is made with the highest quality ingredients sure to please every appetite.
Craft Beer Club Join our Craft Beer Club for updates on food, beer and entertainment.
The Atmosphere From the moment you walk through the door to the moment you walk out, we are here to serve you.